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  • Pharmacological treatment of hypertension


    Currently, most clinical guidelines recommend determining whether to treat hypertension based on blood pressure levels. However, this approach has certain limitations. Munmer and Whelton conducted a review and summary of six relevant randomized studies to analyze the advantages and limitations of tw Read More

  • New research: 1.3 billion adults will suffer from diabetes by 2050(blood glucose)


    By 2021, the number of adults suffering from diabetes in the world will be about 529 million. A new study predicts that by 2050, this number will more than double to over 1.3 billion people. In the next 30 years, no country is expected to see a decline in the incidence rate of diabetes. This achieve Read More

  • Refractory High Blood Pressure


    Refractory hypertensionRefractory hypertension (or intractable hypertension) means that after the application of sufficient and reasonable combination of three antihypertensive drugs (including Diuretic), the blood pressure is still above the target level, or at least four antihypertensive drugs are Read More

  • The pathogenesis of high blood pressure


    1. Pathogenesis and risk factorsThe Tobago Health Study conducted a prospective Longitudinal study among men of African descent, using CT to measure the attenuation of fat tissue and skeletal muscle between the legs of participants. After adjusting for baseline body mass index (BMI) and 6-year chang Read More

  • Professional application of Glucometer


    Blood glucose meters are electronic devices used to measure glucose levels in human blood. They have a wide range of applications, covering many areas such as healthcare, sports and fitness, and daily health management.In the healthcare industry, blood glucose meters are used to monitor the blood gl Read More

  • Professional application of sphygmomanometer


    Blood pressure monitor is a medical instrument used to measure human blood pressure, which has a wide range of clinical applications. This article will discuss the application of blood pressure monitors from the basic principles, methods of use, common blood pressure problems, and future development Read More

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