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A blood pressure monitor is an instrument for measuring blood pressure, also called a sphygmomanometer. Distinguished by the design principle of measuring blood pressure, blood pressure monitors mainly have auscultatory method blood pressure monitor and oscillometric method blood pressure monitor. Let's learn what a blood pressure monitor is!

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The working principle of blood pressure monitor

Classification and basic construction of blood pressure monitors

The working principle of blood pressure monitor

The main principle of blood pressure monitor refers to the process of measuring the blood flow pressure during this period by applying pressure to compress the local artery and stopping the pulsation of the local artery by applying pressure. The measurement principle of blood pressure monitor can be divided into two kinds of auscultation method and oscillometric method.

The auscultation method blood pressure monitor mainly includes mercury blood pressure monitor (manometer), spring meter type blood pressure monitor (pressure light column blood pressure monitor, light display blood pressure monitor, liquid crystal blood pressure monitor, etc.

The oscillometric method is also called the oscillometric method, which is based on the principle of obtaining the oscillometric waves generated in the process of deflation and converting the blood pressure value through a certain algorithm. The vast majority of electronic blood pressure monitors are designed using the oscillometric principle.

Classification and basic construction of blood pressure monitors

Mercury blood pressure monitor. There are two kinds of desktop and vertical, desktop mercury sphygmomanometer structure is reasonable, solid, and reliable; the vertical blood pressure monitor can be adjusted to any height, because of its reliable results and the most commonly used. However, the vertical blood pressure monitor is slightly larger and more difficult to carry, and there is a risk of mercury leakage. The principle of blood pressure measurement is the auscultation method, mainly by the balloon, the cuff, and the three parts of the manometer group. The rubber capsule of the blood pressure monitor cuff is connected to the balloon and the manometer respectively, and the three form an airtight tube system. The manometer has two types of mercury column type and spring type.

Electronic blood pressure monitor. According to the measurement, a part can be subdivided into upper arm type, wrist type, finger type, manual type, automatic type, etc. The advantages of electronic blood pressure monitors are that they are easy to operate, intuitive to read, and automatically take measurements by simply flipping a switch, making them suitable for home use. However, electronic blood pressure monitors also have the disadvantage of large errors, but also need to be calibrated frequently with the standard mercury column blood pressure meter prevail. The electronic blood pressure monitor principle has an auscultation method (also known as Koch sound method) or oscillation method (also known as oscillation method. It is mainly composed of a gas pressure sensor, pressurized micro air pump, electronically-controlled exhaust valve, related software, mechanical slow exhaust valve, and solenoid fast exhaust valve, etc.

Gas pressure gauge type blood pressure monitor. Also known clinically as fluid-free sphygmomanometer and spring-type blood pressure monitor. The use of air pressure pump operation pressure measurement, small size, easy to carry, but with the increase in the number of applications, will affect the accuracy of the results due to the change like the spring, so the need for regular calibration with the standard mercury column type blood pressure monitor, has been little used clinically.

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