Principle, and use of a medical nebulizer

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Compared with the traditional method of taking medicine to treat respiratory diseases such as asthma, the portable nebulizer atomizes the liquid medicine into tiny particles, and also the drugs enter the tract and lungs by respiration inhalation, to attain painless, rapid, and effective treatment. Next, let's take a look at the principle, and use of medical nebulizers. Here are some answers.

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The principle of the medical nebulizer.

The purpose of the medical nebulizer.

The principle of the medical nebulizer.

Ultrasonic portable nebulizer has no selectivity for mist particles, so most of the drug particles produced can only be deposited in the upper respiratory tract such as the mouth and throat, and since the respiratory organ deposits area unit little, it cannot effectively treat lower tract diseases. At the same time, due to the large mist particles produced by the medical nebulizer and the rapid atomization, the patient inhales too much water vapor, which humidifies the respiratory tract. The dry thick secretions in the respiratory tract that originally partially blocked the bronchus swell after absorbing water and increase the resistance of the respiratory tract. Hypoxia may occur, and the ultrasonic portable nebulizer will cause the medicinal solution to form droplets and hang on the wall of the inner cavity, which has a poor effect on lower respiratory tract diseases, requires a large amount of medicine, and causes waste.

The mesh compressor vibrates up and down through the vibrator, squeezes the liquid out through the holes of the nozzle-type mesh spray head, and sprays it by using tiny ultrasonic vibrations and the mesh spray head structure. The mesh compressor is one of the latest types of atomizers. It has the characteristics of compressor nebulizer and ultrasonic nebulizer. Its spray method is to uses tiny ultrasonic vibration and net spray head structure to spray. It is a family medical nebulizer for children with asthma. It is easy to carry and use anytime, anywhere. The compressor nebulizer uses compressed air to form a high-speed airflow through a small tube orifice. The negative pressure generated drives the liquid medicine to be sprayed on the obstruction together and splashes around under the high-speed impact to make the droplets become mist-like particles and eject from the air outlet pipe.

The purpose of the medical nebulizer.

A medical nebulizer is especially accustomed treat numerous higher and lower metastasis diseases, like cold, fever, cough, asthma, raw throat, raw throat, rhinitis, bronchitis, respiratory disease, and different diseases that occur within the trachea, bronchi, alveoli, and cavity. Aerosol inhalation medical care is a vital and effective treatment technique within the treatment of metastasis diseases. The nebulizer is employed to atomize the liquid drugs into small particles. The medicine enters the respiratory tract and lungs by breathing inhalation, to achieve the painless, rapid, and effective purpose of treatment.

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