Nebulizer machine function and use attention

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Most of the nebulizer machines on the market are compressor nebulizers, and the main types are air humidifiers, medical nebulizers, and other types of nebulizer machines, such as hair gel and electronic cigarettes. Different types of nebulizer machines have different functions. For example, an air humidifier can moisturize the air and purify the environment. The medical nebulizer is mainly used to treat various upper and lower respiratory diseases, similar to diseases that occur in the chest cavity such as colds, fever, and asthma. Next, let's take a concrete look at the function of the nebulizer machine and attention to use. Here are some answers.

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What is the function of the nebulizer machine?

Precautions when using a medical nebulizer.

What is the function of the nebulizer machine?

The medical nebulizer can atomize the medicine into tiny particles through a certain method, so that the medicine can enter the human respiratory tract by breathing and inhalation, thereby having a therapeutic effect on the disease. Using rechargeable nebulizers to treat respiratory diseases is the most common and rapid treatment. Secondly, the air humidifier is also a kind of nebulizer machine. Its purpose is to add moisture to the air. The air humidifier releases a large number of negative oxygen ions during the atomization process, which can effectively increase the indoor humidity and moisturize the dry air. At the same time, it can remove odors to make the air fresher, and can also replenish moisture to the human body and moisturize the skin. In addition, part of the nebulizer machine can be used for hairstyling, spray paint, and other daily necessities.

Precautions when using a medical nebulizer.

The nebulizer machine atomizes the test solution. The nebulizer machine is an important part of the atomization system, and its performance has a significant impact on the precision of the measurement and chemical interference. Therefore, the nebulizer machine is required to have stable spraying, small, uniform droplets, and high atomization efficiency. So precautions when using a medical nebulizer: try not to ingest food and rinse your mouth half an hour before nebulization. Otherwise, it may cause vomiting due to stimulation by the aerosol during the inhalation process. The best breathing method should be used during the atomization process. If choking or tracheal spasm occurs, the nebulization should be stopped in time. Observe the physical condition. If the condition is serious, you need to communicate with the doctor in time. Rinse your mouth promptly after atomization. If you use a mask for atomization, you need to wash your face.

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