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The purpose of using gloves is to prevent hand injury or microbial contamination, to prevent microorganisms already dispersed on the skin or hands, to avoid damage by chemicals, or to mitigate sharp injuries. Do you know about medical gloves? If not, take a look at my introduction!

Here is the content list:

Classification of medical gloves

Characteristics of medical gloves

Medical gloves use requirements

Medical gloves use precautions

Classification of medical gloves

Medical gloves are divided into two categories: one is medical examination gloves and the other is medical general gloves. Except for the technical professional designated medical institutions for surgery, most of the gloves used in our daily life are "medical examination gloves", with the appearance characteristics of short gloves (length just over the wrist), left and right-hand versatility, and non-independent packaging. The outer box indicates "medical examination gloves".

According to the material of gloves can be divided into latex gloves, nitrile gloves, TPE gloves, and (polyvinyl chloride) PVC gloves. Nitrile gloves: It is an ideal alternative to latex gloves, which are ideal for hand skin and have a superb comfort level. Suitable for non-sterile operations with a high risk of contact with blood or body fluids; operations involving the handling of sharp objects, cytotoxic substances, and disinfectants. According to the nature of the work can be divided into sterile gloves and non-sterile gloves, non-sterile gloves are further divided into cleaning gloves and housekeeping gloves. Surgical sterilization gloves: sterile single-use. It is mainly used for procedures that require a high degree of sterility, such as surgery, childbirth, central catheterization, and preparation of parenteral nutrition. Clean Examination Gloves: Clean, sterile, disposable. Used for direct or indirect contact with patient's blood, body fluids, secretions, feces, and items heavily contaminated with body fluids. Housekeeping gloves: clean and reusable. It is mainly used in cases of direct contact with the human body and housekeeping gloves can be used to clean environmental surfaces.

Characteristics of medical gloves

Gloves used in medical treatment must pass strict certification and have a Food and Drug Safety Certification (CFDA certification) certificate to ensure the safety of use. Some special medical gloves also need to meet protective standards such as sterilization and single-pair packaging to meet strict hygiene requirements. Generally speaking, medical disposable nitrile gloves and latex gloves, PVC gloves can be used for examination gloves. Latex gloves are natural and highly elastic, with a unique sense of comfort. Nitrile gloves can remember the shape of the hand, fit the hand, wear also have a comfortable feeling. PVC gloves cost advantage is more prominent, and comfortable to wear, good protection, with high performance to price ratio, the market growth momentum is more obvious.

Medical gloves use requirements

1, According to the needs of different operations, choose the appropriate type and specification of medical gloves.

2, Contact with the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions, excretions, vomit, and contaminated items, should wear clean gloves.

3, For surgery and other sterile operations, contact with patients with broken skin, mucous membranes, should wear sterile medical gloves.

4, Disposable medical gloves should be used once, discarded immediately after use.

Medical gloves use precautions

1, Diagnosis and care of different patients between the medical gloves should be replaced.

2, The operation is completed after taking off medical gloves, should wash hands according to the prescribed procedures and methods, wearing medical gloves can not replace hand washing, hand disinfection when necessary.

3, Operation found when the medical gloves are damaged, should be replaced promptly.

4, Wear sterile medical gloves, which should prevent glove contamination.

Through the above introduction, do you know a little more about medical gloves? Hope this little introduction can help you!

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