Introduction and classification of ostomy bag

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The film of the ostomy bag is made of "stoma protective skin" material, which is soft and durable, strong glue, and the outer layer is waterproof and hypoallergenic. The colostomy bag disposable has good sealing performance, reduces odor emission, good viscose, soft and comfortable, good viscosity, no irritation, clear scale, convenient for cutting; open pocket design, convenient for emptying excrement, long use time, the single tablet can generally be used About 4-7 days; with the original sealing clip, it is convenient to discharge and clean at any time, reducing the burden of the stoma; the back is equipped with a carbon sheet vent to reduce odor, more convenient scheduling, and avoiding the embarrassment of bag expansion. Next, let's take a look at the introduction and classification of ostomy bags. Here are some answers.

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What is an ostomy bag?

Classified according to ostomy bag design.

What is an ostomy bag?

An ostomy bag is a container used to store human excrement such as urine and feces, which is also commonly known as a "poop bag". The urine ostomy bag is suitable for people with an anorectal, urethral, and double-cavity stoma who undergo an ostomy. Why do I need to use an ostomy bag after a stoma? Let's start with the physiological structure of the human body. Since there are two layers of sphincter muscles around the anus of the human body, in popular terms, there are two "gates" that can control the excretion of feces. However, the function of the anus disappears after the stoma. The so-called artificial anus has no sphincter and the discharge of feces is not controlled. Therefore, a medical colostomy bag must be used to avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of feces discharge. After stoma surgery, it takes a while to get used to the ostomy bag. After the operation, the ostomy bag can be used correctly to speed up the recovery of the disease. It is a good choice for ostomy patients. When using an ostomy bag, it should be used in the instructions or under the guidance of a doctor, and actively cooperate with the doctor, so that the recovery will be faster.

Classified according to ostomy bag design.

According to ostomy bag design, it can be divided into a one-piece ostomy bag and a colostomy bag 2 pieces. One-piece ostomy bag is usually disposable, can have a cut opening, easy to use, suitable for people with flexible hands and feet, and the elderly. The colostomy bag is 2 piece bag and the base can be separated. The stoma can be taken care of without tearing the base. The bag can be replaced easily and protect the skin around the stoma. The base can be cut according to the shape and size of the stoma. It is necessary to pressurize the abdomen to protect the stoma; but for patients with intestinal prolapse and hernia next to the intestinal stoma, try not to use a colostomy bag 2 pieces, and choose a convex chassis when the stoma is sunken.

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