How to maintain an oxygen concentrator?

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If the oxygen maker is used for a long time, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the oxygen concentrator. Only when we maintain the oxygen concentration 5l can we work better. Of course, the service life of the oxygen concentrator will be longer. So how should we maintain the oxygen concentrator? Here are some answers.

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Daily maintenance of oxygen tube and humidifying bottle.

Daily maintenance of the filter.

The oxygen concentrator should check the filter cotton regularly.

Daily maintenance of oxygen tube and humidifying bottle.

The nasal suction tip on the oxygen tube is the easiest to get dirty. It is recommended to clean it after each use. It can be wiped with alcohol, or it can be soaked in a 5% potassium permanganate solution for 5 minutes and then washed with water. It is very simple. The oxygen suction tube of the oxygen concentrator can be cleaned once or twice a week. Pay attention to keeping the tube dry and free of water droplets.

Because the humidification bottle of the oxygen concentrator is filled with water, there will be a layer of dirt after a long time. You can drip it into a deep vinegar solution and soak for a few minutes, then rinse it off. One or two times a week to ensure oxygen hygiene. The core tube in the bottle and the filter element at the bottom should be rinsed and checked to see if it is installed. Change the water in the humidification bottle every day, generally using cold or distilled water.

Daily maintenance of the filter.

The life of the oxygen concentrator is closely related to the filter. Cleaning or replacing the filter in time can not only extend the life of the oxygen concentrator but also protect the molecular sieve and compressor. Therefore, when buying an oxygen concentrator, it is best to choose an external filter for easy cleaning. Note that the cleaned filter must be completely dry before installation. Do not turn on the medical oxygen concentrator before installing the filter. If the filter element becomes black, it should be replaced regardless of the length of use.

When cleaning, remove the filter (open it with a phillips screwdriver). Then soak the filter with clean water or diluted non-corrosive household cleaner. Then rinse it with clean water. After it dries, install it on the oxygen concentrator and continue to use it. Clean it 1-2 times a month (if there is not much dust on the filter, you can also use a brush to clean it).

The oxygen concentrator should check the filter cotton regularly.

Filter cotton is the air filter device of the oxygen generator, which plays a very important role in ensuring the hygiene of oxygen and prolonging the service life of the compressor and molecular sieve. The filter cotton is placed in the oxygen machine. The filter cotton should be checked regularly. If it is found that it has absorbed a large amount of dust or has been blocked by dust, it should be replaced in time. The method to check or replace the filter is: first open the filter, after removing it, take out the filter, replace it with a new one, and then install the filter back to the oxygen concentrator to continue using it.

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