How to choose a blood pressure monitor?

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High blood pressure is mostly found in the elderly, and once there is high blood pressure, other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases will occur. Therefore, blood pressure monitor is indispensable when there are elderly people or hypertensive patients at home. So how do buy a suitable blood pressure monitor?

Here is the content list:

  • Mercury or electronic blood pressure monitor?

  • Choose arm or wrist type?

  • Choose automatic or semi-automatic pressurization?

  • Do I need to buy one with a memory function?

Mercury or electronic blood pressure monitor?

Mercury column blood pressure monitors have higher accuracy and stability of measurement and require higher skills of the user. If the technology is not in place and not operated properly, it is easy to make errors in the measured blood pressure. Electronic blood pressure monitors, on the other hand, are simple to use and easy to measure. However, many of the electronic blood pressure monitors currently on the market are not certified. Therefore, when buying an electronic blood pressure monitor, you need to pay attention to the purchase of an international standards-certified electronic blood pressure monitor.

Choose arm or wrist type?

When choosing a blood pressure monitor, it is important to consider the situation of the person using it. For the general population, either the arm type or the wrist type can be used.

Middle-aged and elderly people, due to higher blood viscosity and poor microcirculation, are advised to use arm-type blood pressure monitors, such as patients with diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension. Because the results measured by the arm type blood pressure monitor compared to the wrist type blood pressure measurement value error will be large.

Choose automatic or semi-automatic pressurization?

A fully automatic blood pressure monitor is automatically controlled by the amount of air intake. Pressing a button will automatically pressurize.

A semi-automatic blood pressure monitor is manual pressurization (pressurization by hand squeezing the rubber ball), the manual one is more troublesome, mainly because the inlet volume is not well controlled, and the pulse rate of the test is not accurate if the air is less.

Do I need to buy one with a memory function?

Memory function can be divided into single group memory and multi-group memory function; with date and time function and without date and time function. Consumers in the purchase of blood pressure monitor to understand clearly whether the memory function.

The memory function of blood pressure monitor means that the blood pressure record of the measured person (high pressure, low pressure, pulse rate, and other data) is saved in the blood pressure monitor so that the measured person who has been using it for a long time can have a good understanding of his or her blood pressure value within a period of time, which is a non-good function.

Blood pressure monitor products vary in function and use and need to be selected according to their own economic situation, operational proficiency, requirements for measurement accuracy, etc.

Finally, it is best to measure blood pressure at home, preferably with an upper-arm, fully automatic electronic blood pressure monitor, and to do so in an emotionally stable manner, and to maintain the good habit of taking regular measurements. Cofoe Medical Technology Co., Ltd sincerely wishes you and your family a healthy life.

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