How should I use the blood glucose meter correctly?

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Electronic blood glucose meter, also called electronic blood glucose meter, is a convenient intelligent electronic medical instrument for testing its blood glucose index. An electronic blood glucose meter is generally applicable to people with high blood sugar. It mainly includes a blood glucose meter, test paper, and needle, the needle is used to pierce the ring finger to collect blood, the test paper is used to inhale the sample blood and access to the blood glucose meter, and the blood glucose meter derives the blood glucose index by testing the test paper. So how should we use the blood glucose meter accurately?

Here is the content list:

  • Operation method

  • Note on blood collection

  • Error standard

Operation method

Step 1: Turn on the power, part of it is directly press the power switch, part of it is directly insert the test paper to turn on automatically.

Step 2: Coding adjustment. Blood glucose meter code adjustment is divided into the following three ways.

1. Manually enter the test paper correction code.

2. Inserting the machine with the code chip to automatically record the test paper correction code.

3. No code adjustment, no need to manually or insert the chip, blood glucose meter automatic recognition.

Step 3: Blood collection and blood aspiration: Blood collection can be done directly with the blood collection pen that comes with the blood glucose meter, and then the blood drops are leaned into the test paper, most of the test paper is siphoned, and the blood glucose meter will suck in directly when you put it into the absorbing area of the test strip.

Step 4: Show the results: After the blood is drawn, a countdown will be presented to show the test results. It ranges from five seconds to 30 seconds.

Step 5: Finish the test and turn off the machine. The mainstream blood glucose meter pulls out the test paper and shuts down automatically, part of the early products also needs to turn off the power button. The shutdown can reduce battery consumption and machine wear and tear.

Testing warm tips:

1. Conduct glucose meter measurement at room temperature as far as possible.

2. Avoid placing the blood glucose meter near electromagnetic fields (such as cell phones, microwave ovens, etc.).

3. The amount of blood collected should not be too much or too little (especially the blood glucose meter of photochemical method).

Note on blood collection

It is very painful if the blood sampling point is chosen in the middle of the finger. It is generally recommended that the blood glucose meter take blood from the side of the finger, where the nerve distribution is less than the middle of the finger, and the pain is less. However, it should not be too close to the edge of the nail, which is not easy to sterilize and not easy to squeeze blood. The blood sampling point can be selected in ten fingers in rotation, and most people select the remaining eight fingers except the thumb. Before taking blood, you can wash your hands with warm water and hang your arms, so that the blood vessels in your fingers can be filled and blood can be taken easily. After the blood glucose meter blood collection pen pierces the finger, the blood should be squeezed lightly from the heel to the end of the finger (blood collection point), do not squeeze the blood with great force, otherwise the squeezed plasma, tissue fluid accounts for a larger proportion, affecting the accuracy of blood glucose meter measurement.

Error standard

The error of the rapid blood glucose meter, such as within 20%, is generally considered to be acceptable because it will not affect the change of treatment measures. Therefore, the requirement of the World Health Organization for the error of blood glucose meter is within 20%.

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