How should I choose a blood glucose meter?

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With the increasing number of diabetic patients and the complications of various organ tissues in diabetic patients, the demand for blood glucose meters in medical care is increasing day by day. Diabetic patients are spread all over the hospital departments, so nursing staff is faced with the problem of how to select a blood glucose meter suitable for departmental use among the many varieties of blood glucose meters.

Here is the content list:

  • Check the "quality" of its own

  • Focus on "humanization"

Check the "quality" of its own

Step1: See whether the quality of the blood glucose meter is guaranteed. Find out whether the blood glucose meter is certified by some authoritative agencies, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the European Union (CE) approval and certification. This kind of blood glucose meter has quality assurance.

Step 2: Look at the convenience of the operation of the blood glucose meter. The fewer the operation steps of the blood glucose meter, the fewer the errors brought about by improper operation.

Step3: Pay attention to the pain of blood collection. Choose the blood glucose meter with less blood collection and more blood collection parts, the pain is small so that the patient's fear of blood collection can be relieved and emotional fluctuations can be avoided, and the higher the accuracy of measurement with such a blood glucose meter.

Step 4: Understand the measuring principle of the blood glucose meter in depth. The traditional optical method glucose meter probe head is exposed to the air and easily contaminated, so it should be checked regularly and cleaned and maintained. However, the blood glucose meter with the bio electrochemical method may not need regular cleaning and maintenance.

Step 5: Finally, you should understand the technology adopted by the test paper. One is the technology of chemical reaction between test paper and blood glucose. For example, the test paper with glucose dehydrogenase technology is not easily oxidized with oxygen in the air, and the degree of interference when preserving and using the blood glucose meter is small.

Then there is the technology of test paper to blood glucose meter activation. In the past, insufficient blood collection of test strips would also activate the blood glucose meter and the measured results would be biased. Patients should choose test strips with the "insufficient blood collection does not start" function.

Focus on "humanization"

The error of blood glucose monitoring is also related to incorrect use. Therefore, if the blood glucose meter can try to overcome some human use errors through some technical means, such a blood glucose meter is really accurate and humanized.

Problems arising from irregular blood collection also often appear. Some blood glucose meters because of the improper operation of patients, test paper, and blood drops are separated only when the blood collection is not enough, it may need the second blood collection, but the instrument has already started, this situation will probably affect the reliability of the measurement results. In addition, the size of the blood collection volume will also affect the accuracy of the measurement. Some patients, when using the blood glucose meter that requires a large amount of blood collection, find that they do not have enough blood collection volume, they will desperately squeeze their fingers to replenish the blood volume, resulting in a large amount of tissue fluid being squeezed into the blood, which also greatly affects the accuracy of the measurement, so they should use the blood glucose meter that uses a small volume, which can well avoid the problem of inaccurate measurement.

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