Functional characteristics and maintenance of an electric wheelchair

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The electric wheelchair is a new generation of intelligent wheelchairs with artificially controlled intelligent controllers that can drive the wheelchair to complete multiple functions such as forward, backward, steering, standing, and lying down. Foldable electric wheelchairs are modern precision machinery, intelligent numerical control, engineering mechanics, and other fields. Combination of high-tech products. Next, let's take a look at the functional characteristics and maintenance of the electric wheelchair. Here are some answers.

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  • The functional characteristics of an electric wheelchair.

  • How to maintain the electric wheelchair?

The functional characteristics of an electric wheelchair.

First, the electric wheelchair can stand upright or lie down, stand up and walk, and can be turned into a recliner. The sofa seat is more comfortable. Second, the electric wheelchair for the disabled adopts the international top gearbox two-stage variable speed motor, which gives the wheelchair sufficient and matched horsepower, which makes climbing more powerful and the electricity more durable. Third, the electric wheelchair is equipped with a variety of humanized functions, such as a dining table, flip-up armrests, double-back seat belts, knee pads, adjustable headrests, and 40ah large-capacity batteries. It is the latest technology product that can stand and lie down to increase the freedom of movement of the legs. Fourth, the electric wheelchair is equipped with anti-forward and anti-backward wheels. The 8-wheel configuration ensures safe to use when standing and climbing. Fifth, the electric wheelchair adopts the latest international top-level control system and is fully automated. It has a five-speed transmission, a maximum speed of 12KM per hour, and 360° arbitrary steering (forward, backward, left, and right walking at will). Sixth, the electric wheelchair has a simple structure, strong power, and electromagnetic brake (automatically brakes when parking, and can park on half a slope).

How to maintain the electric wheelchair?

First, check the front wheel, rear wheel, parking brake, and other parts of the screw and rear wheel spokes before using the electric wheelchair. If they are loose, please tighten them. Due to bumps in transportation, the screws of the portable electric wheelchair may become loose. Second, check whether the tire inflation is normal. If the air is insufficient, please inflate it in time. The inflation method is the same as that of a bicycle. Third, during the use of the electric wheelchair, every month it is necessary to check whether each part of the maneuvering, screws and rear-wheel spokes are loose. If there is any looseness, lock it in time to avoid potential safety hazards. Fourth, lubricating oil should be added to the moving parts every week to prevent inflexible activities. Fifth, after using the electric wheelchair, use a soft dry cloth to wipe off moisture and dirt on the surface to prevent rust. Sixth, the electric wheelchair should be stored in a dry place to avoid dampness and rust; the cushion and backrest should be kept clean to prevent the breeding of bacteria.

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