Common faults of electric wheelchairs

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An electric wheelchair is very common in our daily life, and many people may have used it. But do you know what are the faults of an aluminum electric wheelchair? Electric wheelchair failures mainly include battery failure, brake failure, and tire failure. Next, let's take a look at it in detail. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Battery failure

  • Brake failure

  • Tire failure

Battery failure

Electric wheelchair, as the name implies, the battery is the key to the drive of an electric wheelchair. The high-end electric wheelchair has a relatively high price on the market for its batteries. Therefore, during the use of the electric wheelchair, the maintenance of the battery is very important. The problem is that the battery is prone to be that there is no way to charge and it is not durable after charging. First, if the battery can't be charged, check whether or not the charger is traditional, so check the fuse. Little issues occur in these 2 places. Secondly, the battery isn't sturdy once being charged, and therefore the battery is drained throughout traditional use. Everyone should know this. Over time, the battery life will gradually weaken, which is normal battery consumption. If it is a sudden endurance problem, it is generally caused by the excessive discharge. Therefore, during the use of the foldable electric wheelchair, the battery must be maintained diligently.

Brake failure

Among the control parts of an electric wheelchair, the brake is a very important part, which is closely related to the personal safety of the user. Therefore, it is important to check whether the brakes are normal before using an electric wheelchair. The reason why the brakes often have problems is caused by the clutch and rocker. Every time you use an electric wheelchair, check whether the clutch is in the "gear ON" position, and then check whether the rocker of the controller bounces back to the middle position. If it is not for these two reasons, it is necessary to consider whether the clutch or controller is damaged, then repair it in time, and do not use an electric wheelchair for disabled when the brake is damaged.

Tire failure

Because the tires are in direct contact with the ground, and the road conditions are different, the loss during the use of the tires is also different. A common problem with tires is a puncture. At now, you want to inflate the tire 1st. When inflating, you must refer to the recommended tire air pressure on the tire surface. Then, if the tire feels firm when you pinch it down, if the hand feels soft or the fingers can be pressed in, it may be a leak or a hole in the inner tube. Tire maintenance is also very important. Many people find that they can’t walk straight after using an electric wheelchair for some time. Big problems are in the tires, such as tire deformation, air leakage, looseness, etc., or the bearing at the wheel connection. Insufficient lubricating oil, corrosion are all possible reasons that the portable electric wheelchair cannot go straight.

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