Benefits of blood pressure monitors

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There are various kinds of electronic blood pressure monitors on the market, so which blood pressure monitor is more scientific to choose? Electronic blood pressure monitor can be more convenient, easy to operate, and can well reduce environmental pollution, is highly recommended to use a blood pressure monitor, specifically it has the following advantages.

Here is the content list:

  • Measurement advantages

  • Functional advantages

Measurement advantages

1. Comfortable. Because the electronic blood pressure monitor does not require excessive pressure applied to the arm. For example, a person with a systolic blood pressure of 120 mmHg only needs to pressurize to about 150 mmHg.

2. Accuracy. Electronic blood pressure monitors intelligent pressurization can avoid the discomfort caused by excessive pressurization and the instability of blood pressure measurement, thus avoiding the impact on the accuracy of measurement.

3. Quiet. Because the pressurization technology requires the use of a quiet air pump, so the noisy air pump cannot be used for intelligent pressurization of the blood pressure monitor.

Functional advantages

First, it can mitigate or eliminate tail preference.

Mercury blood pressure monitors like to record blood pressure readings as the last 0 or 5 mmHg, and in the actual operation of the doctor, it is found that the incidence of this trailing number preference is not low, it will easily lead the doctor to make a wrong judgment. However, if an electronic blood pressure monitor is used, the tail preference can be reduced and eliminated.

Second, it is possible to achieve simultaneous measurement of multiple sites.

This feature means that the electronic blood pressure monitor can be very effective in evaluating the difference in blood pressure between the arms and the extremities. This measurement can reduce human error and exclude differences caused by fluctuations in blood pressure at different moments and in different mental states, and improve the accuracy of the electronic blood pressure monitor's measurement.

The third is to achieve self-help blood pressure measurement.

This also belongs to the oscillometric method of electronic blood pressure monitor improved to form the advantages of this instrument can work by itself, can let the patient alone in the consultation room, in the absence of medical personnel present blood pressure monitor will also be the very accurate automatic measurement.

Fourth, it has a memory function.

The electronic blood pressure monitor's auxiliary start-up device contains a memory function that enables dynamic blood pressure measurement. We have analyzed why the electronic blood pressure monitor is more popular, it is very easy to operate. So, when you are making a choice between a mercury blood pressure monitor and an electronic blood pressure monitor, you can consider an electronic blood pressure monitor more often.

Through the above introduction, I believe you must understand the knowledge of the benefits of electronic sphygmomanometer, sphygmomanometer as the elderly commonly used measuring equipment hair must be properly stored and used, so that it is timely and accurate monitoring of the elderly blood pressure status, to ensure the health and safety of the elderly. If you want to know what kind of blood pressure monitor is better to use and related safety tips for elderly diseases, then Cofoe Medical Technology Co., Ltd is the best choice.

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