Advantages and purchase of compressor nebulizer

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The compressor nebulizer is also called jet atomization. It uses compressed air to form a high-speed airflow through a small pipe orifice according to the principle of Venturi. The droplets become mist-like particles and square measure ejected from the air outlet pipe. Next, let's take a look at the advantages and purchase of compressor nebulizers. Here are some answers.

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  • What are the advantages of a compressor nebulizer?

  • Pay attention to the following points when purchasing a compressor nebulizer.

What are the advantages of a compressor nebulizer?

First, the compressor nebulizer does not need cooling water during atomization, daily maintenance is free, and the operation is simpler and more convenient; the original drug atomization does not need to be diluted, and the clinical effect is good; there is almost no drug residue, and the drug utilization rate is high. Second, the compressor nebulizer is more convenient to operate and use. The merchandise is provided with a 2-meter trachea, that contains a giant area for movement and may be used for sitting and lying down. The atomizing component is light and easy to wear and hold. Third, the atomization uses the initial drug atomization, the number of atomization indrawn among the relative treatment time is acceptable, it's tasking to cause the inner wall of the trachea to swell, cause the trachea to the dam, the atomized particles square measure ultra-fine, and aren't straightforward to collide and mix, and also the form inhales it's comfy and may enter the bronchial tube, lungs, and another trachea. It has excellent clinical effects and is especially suitable for the treatment of lower respiratory tract diseases. Fourth, the medical nebulizer is a purely mechanical product with an extremely low failure rate, low maintenance cost, and long service life. It is generally used for 5 to 10 years.

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing a compressor nebulizer.

Noise, vibration, and heat

The noise level of inhaler nebulizers is an important indicator of their quality. Loud noise will affect the mood of patients who are already unhappy. The noise of compressed atomizers sold on the market is usually around eighty decibels, and also the noise of excellent quality compressed atomizers ought to be among sixty-five decibels. uproarious machines will typically be felt, and also the manufacturer won't indicate the noise worth of the machine. For machines with low noise, the manufacturer can mark it. Accompanying noise is vibration. Generally speaking, the noise of a compressor nebulizer must not be small. Accompanying noise and vibration is the problem of heat generation. Compressor nebulizers with high noise and vibration must generate more heat. Noise, vibration, and heat are all energy losses. Therefore, the nominal power of the nebulizer machine is not as big as possible. For machines with high power however high noise (large vibration and heat), most of their energy is wasted.

Atomized particle size

The size of the atomized particles is directly associated with the atomization result. Smaller (less than two.5μm) atomized particles will reach the lower tract and alveoli. Generally, the specifications provided by the manufacturer have a label indicating the scale of the atomized particle and also the label of the atomized particle typically, it involves the scale of drug particles, average drug particle size (MMAD), average median size (MMD), etc. The scale of the atomized particles is tormented by 2 factors: the compressor nebulizer and also the atomizing cup. The nebulizer provides air at constant pressure and atomizes. The method of the cup determines the extent of excitation particle size.

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