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A blood glucose meter, also known as a blood glucose meter, is an electronic instrument for measuring blood glucose levels. The blood glucose meter is divided into two types from the working principle, photoelectric type, and electrode type. The electrode type blood glucose meter has a more scientific testing principle, and the electrode can be hidden inside. Next, we will learn more about the blood glucose meter!

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  • Principle

  • Blood collection

  • Test mode

  • Button

  • Power supply


The principle of blood glucose meter is mainly divided into two kinds: photochemical method and electrochemical method. The photochemical method of blood glucose meter is similar to a CD player, with a photoelectric head. This kind of blood glucose meter is cheaper, but the detection head is exposed to the air, which is easily contaminated and affects the test results, and the error range is plus or minus 0.8, thus, the light hole must be cleaned frequently, and it is recommended to do calibration in the maintenance station after two years of use. The electrochemical method of blood glucose meter can avoid contamination, the error range is plus or minus 0.2. Under normal use, calibration is not required.

Blood collection

The blood glucose test strips used in blood glucose testing are specially matched with each brand of blood glucose meter and cannot be used universally among the brands. There are two types of blood glucose test strips on the market for blood collection: blood drip and siphon. The blood glucose test strip of blood drip type blood glucose meter needs more blood samples when testing, and the blood samples need to be added drop by drop to the test strip, too many types of blood drop, too few bloods drops, or inaccurate position will affect the test value. The blood glucose test strips with siphon automatic blood aspiration method, on the other hand, require fewer blood samples, the amount of added sample can be controlled automatically, the test strip has a confirmation point that can show whether the blood is the right amount, the operation is simple, and the error of adding blood sample can also be avoided, thus ensuring the accuracy of the blood glucose meter test results.

Test mode

The testing model of the blood glucose meter is very important. The fully automatic testing process means that the blood glucose test strip can be inserted and automatically turned on, the blood sample is added and then the test program of blood glucose meter is entered to display the test result, the test strip is automatically turned off and the test result is automatically stored.


Sometimes patients need to adjust the calibration code, check the stored results and delete the stored results, etc. Therefore, it is necessary for the blood glucose meter to have the appropriate number and size of buttons with clearly distinguished functions.

Power supply

The blood glucose meter generally needs a large enough voltage to ensure the normal operation of the chip, so its power supply generally uses button batteries or even special batteries. However, it is difficult to replace the button battery and special battery, so some blood glucose meters cannot be used normally after purchase. Some blood glucose meters can be used with one common seventh battery, which is more convenient to use.

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